Webinar: Sadie Sharp (Platform Project): “Merging Social and Corporate”

In this webinar originally presented on Thursday 18th March 2021 Sadie outlines how The Platform Project identified mutually beneficial development opportunities in the corporate world that helped deliver their social impact goals.

The talk covers:

  • How thinking like a corporate first and a not-for-profit second can create more innovative opportunities.
  • How win:win partnerships can be more valuable than funding.
  • How using corporate skills can help you develop your sustainability and plug your infrastructure skills gaps.

Sadie Sharp launched The Platform Project in Swindon in 2017, and its growth has been stratospheric, quadrupling in size every year, with offers to move into neighbouring towns within the next couple of years and an opportunity to franchise the model. Sadie is convinced that the reason the project has been so successful is because it looks and feels like a business despite being a social enterprise, and the innovative opportunities that have arisen because of that niche operating model have benefited both corporates and the young people the project works with. In her talk, Sadie will share the lessons and methods that have helped her merge corporate and social worlds.

click HERE to view the webinar. Access code: #sUGF0Te

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill